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Year 2018 : Day 019 : Soundtrack



BeatLoaf and Roque Ybarra are So Vague. This dynamic DJ duo produce a special blend of electronic music with the fusion of house, techno, and indie dance sounds. Their intense support of the Detroit club scene and mission to bring people together put them in a class of their own.

 So Vague will be playing House Coffee tonight at Urban Bean.

Year 2016 : Day 005 : Soundtrack

Ted Krisko

: Ted Krisko, part of the duo ATAXIA, plays a stripped down and immersive set that  is graceful and infused with the flavor of Detroit.

 Ted will be playing at TV Dinners in TV Lounge tonight with Loren and Mister Joshooa.

Year 2016 : Day 336 : Soundtrack

DJ Minx

: DJ Minx was inspired to spin by the famed Music Institute in Detroit. Her style is described as funky, powerful house, with a smudge of grace.

 Minx will be spinning at FSDY TV Dinners tonight in TV Lounge with D Wynn and Mister Joshooa.

Year 2016 : Day 331 : Soundtrack

Alton Miller

: Detroit-based producer, singer, and percussionist Alton Miller has been playing a fundamental role in defining Detroit House Music for over two decades.

 Alton is playing at Souls in Motion in Grenadier Club tonight with D Wynn and John Collins.

Year 2016 : Day 330 : Soundtrack

Henry Brooks

: Up and coming Grand Rapids/Detroit-based DJ with a deep passion for house music.

 Henry is playing Surreal Sleepwalking tonight at Grenadier with Sonya Alvarez, Warren Ross, Roman Holliday, and Pressed & Proper.

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