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Saturday (05/27)

[Music : DJ]
(monthly) Booty Freaks : Temple Bar : 8P-2A : Nate Czarling, DJ Fukno, and DJ Whatever
Girls Gone Vinyl 11 : MIX Bricktown : 11A-9P : Lineup TBA
The Barge Movement Boat Party : Diamond Queen Cruise : 12P-4P : Worthy, Sherif, ADMN, Soul Mob, Twin Cousin, Aboudi Issa, Warren Ross, and Adam Westing
Tied presents Detroit Boat Cruise : Rivard Plaza : 1P-4P : Daniel Bell
The Summit : Motor City Wine : 2P-2A : Specter, Lab,Our Union, Todd Osborn, James Duncan, Jay Simon, Jwan Allen, and Thomas Cox
Soul Foundation presents Metropolis : The Whisky Parlor : 7P-2A : Brenda D, Brian Gardner, Frique, Jevon Jackson, and Mntra Artists
We Do This : Old Miami : 9P : DJ Don Q, DJ Psycho, Bet Lemos, Nano2Hype, and Benjamin Hayes broadcast live on
SheJay TakeOver : MIX Bricktown : 9P-2A : Marinity, Sonya Alvarez, DJ Ife, and DJ Holographic
Souls in Motion : POP in Checker Bar : 10P-2A : D Wynn, DJ Holographic, and TYLR
Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes Live Artist Showcase : The Shelter : 9P : Largest artist showcase in the world. Judges DJ Head, DJ Hen House, and Bigg DM.
Texture : Marble Bar : 10P : Fred P, Mike Dunn, Lena Willikens, DJ Qu, Eric Cloutier, Jared Wilson, Olin, Kevin Reynolds, Stefan Ringer, Aroma Pitch, MK Braun, Seb Diamond + Seychelle, Shady P, Soren, and Jacob Park.
Quo Vadis and SMPLFD present 'Are You Local?' a Snacks BBQ : SMPLFD Back Alley : 1P-8P : Haute to Death, Scott Zacharias, Todd Modes, Ryan Spencer, Frankie Banks, and Blair French
Grand Opening of The Market : 18700 Woodward Ave : A new kind of open-air market. Flea market, farmers, food-trucks, DJs, picnic, and more. Inspired by the open-air markets of Berlin & Europe.
KORG Waves : Third Wave Music : 2P-4P : Rebecca Goldberg and Nardo
Grasshopper Underground : 9P : Kenneth Thomas all night
Boss Up and Dance : The Situation Room : 10P : DJ Dash, J House, djkage, Masquenada, DJ Lanka, and Milfie
[Going Late]
Tresor: Berlin/Detroit - Building Bridges : Tangent Gallery : 10P-7A : Silent Servant, Civil Defense Programme, Christina Sealey, Hybrid, Ron Morelli, Claude Young, Marcellus Pittman, Flowing, Terrence Dixon, and Intergalactic Gary
Sweat the Details : The Whiskey Disco : 10P-4A : Fred Everything, John Beltran, North Lake, Procellous, and So Vague
Afterparty : 2915 John R : 11P-4A : entertainment from Nuclassica and other exclusive AlluriumLLURIUM artists.
Masonic Temple : 11P-4A : The Belleville Three, Richie Hawtin, and Derek Plaslaiko
Octopus Recordings : Bleu : 10P-4A : Sian, Carlo Lio, Oliver Koletzki, Juheun, Shelley Johannson, Brennen Grey, Jean-Phillipe, Ivana Karpierz, and Jeremy Meadow
Detroit Love : Magic Stick : 11P-4A : Carl Craig, Moodymann, Andres, Waajeed, and Al Ester
Evolve: A Sub÷Divizion, Aerotek, and OMEN Label Showcase : The Works : 10P-6A : Lineup TBA
Deep Detroit #9 : Canfield Studios : 11P-5A : Patrice Scott, Galcher Lustwerk, and Kai Alce
Club Toilet : Olympus Theatre : 10P-10A : Chris Cruse, D'adhemar, Handmade, Looky Looky, Shaun J Wright, Shiva aka Noncompliant, Eris Drew, Father of Two, Kiernan Laveaux, Aaron Clark B2B Ryan Smith, and Geoffrey LaRue
Detroit Invaderz : Mexican Town : 11P-8A : A$AD and special guests
Ticket to the Warehouse : The Factory : 10P-6A : A curated event dedicated to re-imagining the look and atmosphere of the original Warehouse, Chicago. Musical Direction by Ron Trent.
House of EFunk : TV Lounge : 11P-4A : Dan Bain, Eli Escobar, Gran Moxy, Jay Daniel, Josh Wink, Kyle Hall, Louie Vega, Mathew Jonson, Minx, Overdubs, Phill Celeste, Roy Davis Jr., Soul Clap, DJ Spen, Stacey Pullen, and Will Renuart
2nd Annual Detroit Rave Scene Afterparty : Club Fantasy : 8P-3A : 8 Bass Panthers, guccci, Dekglo, Megahurtz, Kris Cayden, We Bang b2b Mister Black, WINBY2, Jd Raveman, Adam Hazzard, Dilemma, Fauxton, and Dirty Individuals
Discwoman Detroit III : Grenadier : 10P-6A : Shanti Celeste, Mike Servito, Volvox, UMFANG, Juana, Abby, FBI Warning, and Ash Lauryn
The Formula : Drive Table Tennis : 7P-5A : Wayne Williams, Andre Hatchett, Alan King, Melvin DJ Magic Tuck, Earl Mixxin McKinney, Craig Alexander, Rick Wilhite b2b Bruce Bailey, and Marc Duncan b2b Tony Dennis
The Best Things In Life Are Free : St Brigid's Bathtub Pub : 10P-5A : Symbolton, Bobby Conway, Chris Roxx, Disco Ninjas, DJ Fixed, Blank Pil, Sinister Dosage, and LT
MIX Bricktown : 2A-7A : Demuir, jodadj, and Scot Go-Go Gordon
The Freaks Come Out at Light : Lincoln Street Art Park : 4A-10A : Cat Town, Coconut Babylon, and Adam Stanfel
[Music : Live]
Cadieux Cafe : 9P-2A : Mochsha, Big Donut, and Party Days
6th Annual Detroit Techno Tour : Hart Plaza : 10A-1P : See the city beyond the limits of Hart Plaza and late-night events.
Forged by Fire: Detroit's Riots, Rebellions & Racial History : Detroit Historical Museum : 10A : Jamon Jordan, founder of the Black Scroll Network, is the tour guide for this series.
Wheelhouse Detroit : 12P-4P : Music Heritage Bike Tour
Senate Theatre : 8P : Screening of 'Diary of a Lost Girl'
The Fillmore : 7P : Dave Chappelle

Sunday (05/28)

[Music : DJ]
Synthetik Audio : The Works : 7A-3P : Jason Patrick, Bisharat, Template, Motionen, Lowki, Gabi, Ramiro Bernabela, ADMN, Dirty Dan, DJ Alexander Technique, Krames, and Klienfeld
Resolute Goes Detroit : Exodus Rooftop : 7A-7P : Daniel Bell, Vincent Lemieux, Lamache, Lauren Ritter, Connie Yin aka Constar, and Maksim
Cosmic Handshakes Sunday Brunch : Union Street : 11A-4P : Blair French and Todd Modes with resident Vince Patricola
The Party Barge : Hart Plaza : 11A-12A : John Stamper, Adam Hazzard, and Nick Strong
Shipfaced Detroit : Rivard Plaza : 12P-3P : Golf Clap, Eyes Everywhere, and Imjustinbraun
Perfect Driver : 1514 Washington Blvd : 10½A-5P : DJ Godfather, Matthew Anthony, Sven Lochenhoer, Twin Cousin, CRS, and ADMN
Dnbid Presents : Checker Bar : 2P : Dom & Roland, Jamal, Jaybee, Christina Tamayo, Chrissy Tee, RenanDnB, MC ANTI, DJ Form, Steve Drones, Dilemma, Tim Nice, Conundrum, and Subverb
Urban Organic presents Detroit Diaspora Day Party : The Loft : 2P-10P : Alton Miller, Kemit, Phifedom, Duane Powell, and Righteous
Day Life : MotorCity Wine : 2P-8P : Delano Smith, Eli Escobar, Iz & Diz, and Marissa Guzman
Dick : Queen's Bar : 9P : DJ Minx , Stacey Hotwaxx Hale, Marissa Guzman, Mother Cyborg, and DJ Deb
Bevlove's Americana V : El Club : 4P-10P : SG, Kamp Klutch, Martez, Manner, Chad Roto, Milfie, Dopehead, Kitty Kvsh, Sam Austins, DJ Stacye J, and Bevlove
Dissonant Melodies International Friends : The Whisky Parlor : 8P : Drivetrain, Claus Bachor & Friends, and DJ Disc
Suck It : UFO Factory : 8P : DJs Bill and Geoff
Sampled Detroit 15th Anniversary : Marble Bar : 9P : Tall Black Guy, Mark Farina, Kenny Glasgow, Gene Farris, Junior Sanchez, Jesse Rose, Andrés, Rick Wilhite, Jason Hodges, Wally Callerio, Chuck Daniels, Burning Bridges, Shaun J Wright, DJ Holographic, Punisher, and Rufus Gibson
OK Cool 5 Tear Anniversary : TV Lounge : 9P : John Tejada, Honey Dijon, Danny Daze, Doc Martin, Ardalan, Solar, Eddie C, Voigtmann, Rick Wade, Dax Lee, Mister Joshooa, Ted Krisko, Loren, Nate Manic, Ed Mazur, and Steve The Amazing
Off the Endz : Bleu : 9P : Stooki Sound, Joker, and Fowl
The Shelter : 10P : Com Truise & Clark
MotorCity Wine : 10P : Carl Craig, Jimmy Douglass, and Al Ester
Expansion : Briggs Detroit : 10P : DJ Cent and DJ Eddie Fludd
Life Party : Northern Lights : 10P : Mike Clark, Tony Nova, Dr Tingle Fingers, and Madam Butterfly
Tea Dance : The Royce : 3P-9P : Stacey Hotwaxx Hale
Detroit Diaspora : 1420 Washington : 2P-8P : Alton Miller, DJ Kemit, Duane Powell, DJ Righteous, and more
Elixir Exotique : Magic Stick : 9A-5P : Appian, Berndt, Kevinmcq, Max Ellington, Ryote, and Segv
[Going Late]
No Way Back 10th Anniversary : Tangent Gallery : 11P-12P : BMG, Derek Plaslaiko, Patrick Russell, Carlos Souffront, Mike Servito, Erika, Bryan Kasenic , Scott Zacharias, Outer Space, and Grant Aaron
An Altered Statte : MIX Bricktown : 5P-7A : Alton Miller, Kai Alce, Sonic Natives, Doc Link, Charlie & Brown, and Edward Franklin
Third Ear After Party : Division Gallery : 9P-4A : MGUN, Jason Hogans, Malik Alston, Hazmat, and JTC
Dirtybird Players : The Fillmore : 10P-4A : Claude VonStroke, Justin Martin, J. Phlip, Will Clarke, and Walker & Royce
KMS 30 : Magic Stick : 11P-4A : Kevin Saunderson, Robert Hood, The Saunderson Brothers, InSOUL, Francesca Lombardo, Adam Port, and Chuck Danels
The Force : Grenadier : 11P-7A : Jay Denham, DJ T-1000, Lele Sacchi, Tim Baker, Gabriel Palomo, Joseph Hix, DJ Jacq, Duke Shin, Andy Stroble, and Le Sprite
Canada Loves Detroit : Old Stroh's Ice Cream Factory : 10P-6A : Sydney Blu, MC Flipside, TAKIN, Soul Goodman, Inphinity, DJ RandomDoug, Barroness, Mark Baker, and Boots Boogie
City Club : 10P-6A : Dixon b2b Seth Troxler
The Annex : 10P-4A : Mija, Billy Kenny, Golf Clap, Eyes Everywhere, Ryan Forever, Codes, and GRECO
Excursions : The Baltimore Gallery : 10P-6A : Marcellus Pittman, DJ Uchikawa
Interface | Scene : The Works : 10P-7A : DVS1, Ø [Phase], Tommy Four Seven, Luis Flores, Droid, Janice, Denise R, Plural, Raíz, Project 313, Corbin Davis, Subversive, John Kaberna, and Lindsey Herbert
I'm Just Here To Party : The Whiskey Disco : 9P-4A : Sergio Santos, Finley, John Johr, Jeremy Poling, Adege, Peter Croce, Sutter, and Nesto
Night/Day Party : El Club : 12P-2P : Omar-S, DJ Stingray, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, M Gedded Gengras, Bookworms, Rawaat, and Ash Lauryn, Donna Edwards, Cordell Johnson, and James Vincent
Palmer Park Records : MIX Bricktown : 2A-7A : Demuir, jodadj, Scott Go-Go Gordon, and Kai Loo
Gospel Brunch : UFO Factory : 11A-3P : DJ Yeti
Recharge Brunch : Electric Studio : 11A-6P : Jloon, Charles Trees, Saproling, Nuntheless, and SKYrise
6th Annual Drunkbrunch : MIX Bricktown : 11A-5P : DJ One Five, Players Club, Tombz b2b Madly, and Joe Hertler
[Broadcast] : 3P-6P : Sydney Blu and John Aquaviva
Spring Dance Concert : DIA : 11A-3P : Artlab J Dance Companies perform
Wheelhouse Detroit : 12P-3P : Techno Bike Tour

Monday (05/29)

[Music : DJ]
Naughty Bad Fun Collective Industry Brunch : Tangent Gallery : 12P-9P : a. garcia, Christina Chatfield, FBK, Jarvi b2b Ariel Zetina, John Barera, Kiernan Laveaux, LMGM, Luz, Pat Bosman, Punisher, Sassmouth, Shawn Rudiman, Titonton Duvante, and Tony Fairchild
Lost in Music : Briggs Detroit : 1P-1A : Bruce Bailey, Christa Schrupp, Raybone, Crossbow, Merrick Brown, Das Bruno, Vernell Byrd, Phil tha Mixx, Claudius Funk, Joe Boyer, Jondo, Marty Bulger, Que Morgan, Hils Hinrix, DJ Reggie Reg, DJ Smoove 313, and Mary Freed
Dark Squares : Checker Bar : 7P : Alexis Tucci, Brenda D, Brian G, Julio Bishop, Vixen, and Mntra Artists
TJOCK : The Whisky Parlor : 8P : Alexander Schwank, Ill Fusion, DJ Holographic, John Joseph, Rex Bravo, and TYLR
House Gallery's 10 Year Anniversary : MotorCity Wine : 2P-2A : Nick Holder, Uchikawa, Claus Bachor, Drivetrain, RayBone Jones, DeTune, Sandman, Just Alexander, Jen Xerri, DJ Taz, Jen Xerri, Vince Patricola, Scott Ashley, Adam Francesconi, Jay Ramsey, and J.Garcia
[Going Late]
Interdimensional Transmissions presents The Bunker : Tangent Gallery : 10P-6A : Israel Vines, Eris Drew, Antenes, Mike Servito, Gunnar Haslam, and Justin Cudmore
Game Over : Secret Location : 12A-6A : Mister Joshooa, Shady P, and Jakob Park
Repopulate Mars : Magic Stick : 10P-4A : Lee Foss, Shiba San, Kenny Glasgow, Golf Clap, Mind Against, and John Johr
The End : Russell Industrial Center : 10P-5A : John Bender, Charles Manier, Stallone the Reducer, SSPS & Gramma, INTERVAL , Soren Roi, 51717, FBI Warning, Artefactos De Dolor, VerticalSilence, Richard Fearless, Bill Converse, Ed Luna, and Egill
Masonic Temple : 11P-4A : Carl Cox, Capriati, and Stone Owl
Anthology : The Works : 10P-7A : Terrence Parker, Carlos Souffront, Heidi Sabertooth (live), Merachka, Twelve Inches, Lucy, Dadub, Lakker, Donor, Uun, Axkan, 138, Dani Lehman, Manmade, and Chanski
Move It Or Lose It : Grenadier Club : 12A-8A : DJ Psycho, Emanate, Max Gardner, Nick J, Pershan, Twitchin Skratch, Stacey Hotwaxx Hale, Marissa Guzman, Darryl G, DJ Deb, Gia, and Lone Wolf
The Blu Party : Exodus Rooftop : 9P-4A : DJ Sneak, Christian Martin, Gene Farris, Sydney Blu, and The Saunderson Brothers
Last Man Standing : Secret Location : 12A : Norm Talley, Darwin, and Daniel Andres
H2D Swim Club Season Kick Off : Secret Location : 12P-8P : Pool party, BBQ and open bar. DJs Haute to Death and Friends.

Make it a great festival Detroit.