313 Techno

by Steven Reaume


Memorial weekend is undeniably our ‘techno holiday’ in Detroit. The long running electronic music festival, rescued from the ashes of mismanagement by the talented crew at Paxahau over 11 years ago, has become an annual pilgrimage for all those who love electronic music and the culture that has grown from it. Paxahau’s relentless pursuit of perfection, combined with the world class sound production of Audio Rescue Team, has propelled this annual event to the top of the list. It is because of their efforts that Movement is the bedrock of this weekends plethora of events.


Detroit was the birth place of techno in the the 80s. Although many genres have built upon it, Detroit Techno laid the foundation. The nascent club scene of the 80s also ignited the fire of what was to come. The Music Institute and Heaven provided a multicultural environment of sound and bodies, a perfect introduction to a new sound on the dance floor. The fusion of electronic music with post-punk industrial sounds in clubs such as Todd’s and City Club helped usher in a new culture that mixed genres and educated club goers.


The early 90s brought underground parties and rave culture into this mix here. Young, creative promoters let loose on our industrial canvas and defined what after-hours in our city was. Their uniquely Detroit style is still evident in the parties that are being produced now. 365 days a year there is a DJ playing in a venue somewhere in Detroit; in restaurants, clubs, warehouses, anywhere they can set up. From generation to generation the spirit of what the original creators of this sound established has evolved and flourished.


For those who have traveled to Detroit to celebrate this holiday of beats, and those that live it every day in our city, let’s get lost in the rhythm together and celebrate what we all have been a part of creating. Musicians, promoters, venues, and dancers are all responsible for creating this movement that we call techno.


Thank you Detroit.

Photo by Baboo Photography