Detroit Sound Conservancy

by Steven Reaume


The influence of past generations on the creative output of Detroit’s current and future music scene is an asset which can not have a value put on it.


One genre influences the conception of the next, which shapes  those  that follow, and on and on. The preservation of this history is priceless. Blues, Jazz, and Gospel influenced Soul, R&B, and Motown, which flavored the sounds of Rock & Roll, which lead to Punk, Techno, and House, followed by Hip Hop and beyond. The lines blur when trying to understand how one has influenced the other, but it is undeniable that the originality of many of these sounds are uniquely Detroit.


We will not foster the creation of new genres, as we have so many times, without the conservation of the artifacts, stories, and history of our musical legacy.


This is why on this day of giving, I want to encourage you to support Detroit Sound Conservancy. As we all know, there are many other areas of our society that need resources. Our neighbors are hungry, struggling to survive, in need of a helping hand. This is undeniable. But our children need hope, they need to find in themselves a purpose, an outlet, an opportunity to leave their mark on our society. The arts offer many an opportunity to tell their story, find an outlet, and influence the future.


Without the preservation of the unrivaled legacy that Detroit’s creative culture has given to the world through music, the next generation will not have the foundation to build future genres of sound, find purpose, and inspire.


Detroit Sound Conservancy is an organization that is relentless in it’s mission to archive and present our musical heritage, in all of it’s varied forms. It offers hope. It shows what is possible by cataloging, restoring, and presenting what those in our past have accomplished.