by Steven Reaume


Situations crop up at times that challenge us in ways we may not be prepared to handle. Our integrity is questioned and a response seems necessary. This has happened to me, more than once. Instinct pushes us to go to war to clear our name and set the record straight.


“The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.”
~Sun Tzu


When conflicts like this happen within our creative community the ripples of the confrontation can affect our scene beyond those involved. I challenge anyone dealing with this to minimize any collateral damage.


There needs to be a standard by which we treat each other, and unless you have indisputable evidence, it is wrong to go around slandering someone’s good name.



I had the pleasure of having a conversation with longtime Detroit promoter and friend Adriel Thornton the other night about the current state of the electronic music/ party scene in our city. We both agreed that our community is unique in many ways but eventually focused on the fact that we are a family of DJs, promoters, club owners, and managers that build up rather than tear down each other.


Like all families we have brothers and sisters that don’t really get along at times, we have family fights, we have crazy cousins. At the end of the day though, we strive to work these differences out amongst us and come together for the greater good of the community. That being said, this family of ours will not tolerate dirty games, prejudice in any form, disrespect, putting others down to build oneself up.


We don’t have to burn bridges, we can always take a different route.


The glue that holds us all together in this common mission is our love for the music, the love of the party. Advancing the sound of Detroit and the art of throwing a party is paramount in our city’s future success.


We have generations of members that all bring important perspectives to the conversation. The elders must pass wisdom and history to the youngsters. The kids bring a fresh perspective and new ideas. These relationships also serve to grow the scene and ensure a continuity of flavor.


Focus on the future. Respect each other.