The Food I Love : 2018 : Street Beet

The pop-up food scene in Detroit has ebbed and flowed over the years but has stayed strong as an incubator for culinary talent. Many up and coming chefs have created events in unique venues, many moving on to brick and mortar locations. Nina Paletta and Meghan Shaw’s Street Beet exemplifies the creative trend of our food scene. Their marketing and menus are a refreshing tongue-in-cheek representation of modern food culture. It is not a gimmick, the flavors are spot on.


The inspiration for Street Beet came from a desire to provide more vegan and allergen-friendly options for our city. As plant-based food and vegan-friendly menus have become much more prevalent, the imaginative marketing and tasty offerings of this chef duo stand out. How they recreate the flavors of our fast food favorites and comfort tastes is a mystery that our tastes buds welcome.


When asked why the environment of our city allows for a concept like theirs to thrive they said “Detroit is unique in the way that there is so much opportunity for new concepts, and with that, there is also an incredible community of people eager to support. The small town feel gives Detroit one of its best assets, and within it, you are met with an abundance of inspiring creatives who stand together in seeking success and happiness for one another.”


The Detroit they love is “the sense of community and support within our city”.


We will wait in line to experience their food any day.


Photo : Jay Adams


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