The Organization I Love : 2018 : Detroit Sound Conservancy

Detroit’s rich legacy of music is unmatched anywhere in the world. Detroit has created and continues to create more genres and nurtured more talent than any other. The work of Carleton Gholz and his organization Detroit Sound Conservancy preserves the art, sound, and culture of our city.


“We want to be remembered for stepping up for our City’s cultural legacy when times were bad and our legacy historical institutions were struggling to survive. We fear that our neighborhoods and children are losing their capacity to create both common and unique sounds, together, as a foundational part of their education as poetically created citizens” according to Carleton.


They are doing what they can, and have done much with little. They are an interracial crew of music lovers and archival nerds. With their anticipated purchase of the abandoned Blue Bird Inn on Detroit’s Old West Side and projects such as the restoration of the Heaven sound system and the Wurlitzer Jukebox, Detroit Sound Conservancy has expanded beyond archiving important pieces of our musical legacy, to restoring our past in concrete ways.


“It’s time for a new sonic covenant for our City, based in neighborhoods, and founded on the belief that our imaginations and humanity depend on it.”


The Detroit that Detroit Sound Conservancy loves “treats its intangible cultural heritage  — the ways we dance, create, speak, express, design, make, teach — with respect knowing full well that it can be lost in only a generation.”


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