The Party I Love : 2018 : Slow Jams

Detroit is blessed with an amazing collection of regular club events. To choose just one to feature was a big challenge for me this year. I chose Slow Jams because it represents the soul of what makes our scene so special – local artists playing vintage vinyl to a diverse crowd in a casual environment.


Erno and Eastside Jon started Slow Jams as a laid back alternative to a regular club night. They have both been record collectors for as long as they can remember and wanted to start up a chill night where they were able to share the records they were buying. Slow Jams originally started as a sort of byproduct of Funk Night that had been gaining popularity and since then has evolved into a weekly hangout of vinyl nerds and music lovers.


When asked what Detroit offers that makes Slow Jams possible Ernie said “There is certainly no shortage of DJs in the city. Our DJ community here in the city is super tight and we all attend each other’s events at some point so it’s very easy to connect with other DJ’s and plan a time for other’s to play with you. It also doesn’t hurt that we have world class DJ’s that tour regularly here in our community that are happy to play a humble little night like ours.” A sentiment that we often repeat.


This year the event has moved from Woodbridge Pub over to Marble Bar. “Well, we have a top-notch venue that is geared towards live music events with Marble Bar so we feel it will help make our guests more comfortable on the nights we need a little more breathing room. Aside from that, the sound system and capabilities to host the event outdoors during the warmer months here in Detroit will only help to keep the vibe high. We spent the last 10 years at the Woodbridge Pub and enjoyed how intimate the environment is there but we felt that moving the night over to Marble will help the night grow and keep it fresh.”


For the Slow Jams crew, the sound of Detroit is rooted in soul which is what you will experience from them and their guests every Monday.


The Detroit Ernie and Jon love is “a place where our community continues to encourage all of us to explore and chase the sounds we love”. I couldn’t agree more.


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