The Record Label I Love : 2018 : PITS

PITS stands for Place In Time & Space, and these three things work together to define each of their unique perceptions of the world. This inspired the start of the project as a series of after-hours events in the summer of 2016 at the now-defunct venues McCarthy’s and Grenadier Ballroom. John Joseph, the labels head, wanted to bring the focus back to being together and creating a community around electronic music with few frills, a dark room, all good music, and no judgment. After about a year, the idea grew into a collective of upcoming artists with lots of inspiration. This led to the formation of a label and podcast series to share these exciting new sights and sounds of the city.


John describes the sound of their releases as “dance-floor-ready tunes that have a unique element or style to them with a little bit of lo-fi sprinkled on top”. So far they have kept their releases strictly to Detroit artists, but they have plans to expand this out in 2019. They want to promote doing something new, not the same old song and dance.


2018 was PITS’ first full year operating as a label, and they released 7 digital EPs, 2 singles, 5 podcast mixes, as well as their first 12″ vinyl sampler. They have featured lots of new and exciting Detroit talent on these releases including Dretraxx, Beatloaf, Roque Ybarra, Solution 99, Kels Davidson, E.C. Rowe, and more. So far they have worked with 25+ different artists and will continue to expand that number.


PITS founder John Joseph shared with us what makes Detroit a unique space to do what he does. “Since much of my desire to engage with electronic music comes from Detroit, it is hard to imagine starting this project anywhere else. I attended school in East Lansing – there was not much there for the young techno lover. Neon Tuesday’s at Mac’s Bar was one of the only respites we had and Roque and Michael of So Vague will remember these nights alongside the now much more well-known Griz. Driving to Detroit on the weekends kept the flame alive. After moving back to the city in 2013, I quickly found a family among my fellow house heads and therein PITS was born.”


The Detroit that John loves is “the city of people working and living in it every day, trying to make it the best it can be.”


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