How The Detroit Techno Scene Inspired A Movie


The techno scene in Detroit has inspired artists in mediums beyond music. Mare Costello’s feature film Techno Diva is a piece of work that evolved from her experiences in the early days of our scene here. Techno Diva is not only an incredible vehicle to showcase some new and different aspects of cinema it is also a way for Mare to pay homage to Detroit’s profound Techno culture, while, creating a platform for other up and coming actors and crew.  Mare is a DJ and was once a party promoter in the Detroit scene, which, she credits as helping her “never give up” attitude and “the show must always go on no matter how small your budget is.“


About The Movie

An interview is about to take place in an undisclosed warehouse in Detroit with one of the most important artists of our time. What we don’t really know, but are about to find out is, our dear and more often than not, self-obsessed, Techno Diva, Syriana Tate, is struggling through a terrible breakup. On the verge of emotional exhaustion she fights to stay focused on her creative genius and all the duties someone of her monumental stature are responsible for: making groundbreaking music, continuing to create new dance moves, loving her fans, being a maverick of fashion trends, making sure her performance instrument is sharp, and of course, not losing sight of her own heart.  Can she move on?


The colorful world of Techno Diva is a fusion of humor, a 100% original electronic music soundtrack, set in Detroit’s vibrant landscape and full of excitement, tenderness, and original style.


Why shoot in Detroit?

“It had to be Detroit.”  With Costello’s reputation and resources, this grand Michigan city steeped in music history was the only place she would shoot.  It was important for her to show the city as a place that was more than burnt out buildings, crime, and flight.  She had always been a part of the Art scene and Techno music scene.  Her experience was or is quite different than the casual visitor.  Hers is one of inspiration, excitement, and creativity.


What do you hope the audience will take away from this movie?

“Hope, inspiration, entertainment.  To see that Detroit has oceans of greatness to offer.  That a support system of people that know and love you, along with, an outlet for one’s creativity can get you through even the toughest heartbreak.  Plus, it has a killer electronic soundtrack with imagery specific to Detroit.”



This is a series of images from Mare’s years growing up in the Detroit Techno scene paired with scenes in Techno Diva that were inspired by them.


1 : Mare’s original 1997 Black Lamination costume : The Techno Diva evolution of the costume in 2010





2 : 1992 logo design by Mare for Detroit’s VOOM : Artwork used for set 2010 in Techno Diva



3 : Jeff Mills 1997 England “Tribal Gathering” party headliners were Kraftwerk, Richie Hawtin, and others played on Wiki : Techno Diva scene with Bruce Bailey at the TV Lounge in 2010



4 : Mare’s head in a base bin at “Widdle Silly” party in Hamtramk 1994 : Techno Diva, Syriana Tate, “Techno Love” poem 2011



5 : Bankle Building party in Detroit (Richie Hawtin, Matthew Hawtin, Amy Bogl, Alan Bogl, and Steven Reaume) : Techno Diva’s color pallet was highly influenced by the saturated colors of the Rave Technicolor



6 : VOOM’s first party KLONK + Bankle Building party in the early 90’s : Techno Diva TV Lounge dance scene



7 : Mare in Liquid Sky Fashion Show 1994 : Techno Diva dance style 2010



8 : Typical convertible parties with Camilo Pardo in Detroit – it’s not a rave if there is no life-size stuffed animal : Techno Diva bear



9 : 2000 DEMF (1st) LAMINATION installation : Techno Diva materials used as cubes for set decoration




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