Welcome Back : Benson Roberts III


One of the reasons I love having lived in Detroit for so long is being a spectator to the growth and evolution of the creative people that grow up here, immigrate here, leave and come back here.


Benson is one such man.


In the ’80s when the club scene in Detroit was at a creative peak, I met Benson at a club called Todd’s. Todd’s was a collection of disparate cliques, cultures, and music that, for me, was the gateway to electronic music, fashion, and alternative art. Benson was a pillar of that community, mentor, and inspiration to many. Since his early days in Detroit, Benson with his Atelier Benson/Mange la Mode brand, has brought his unique style and flare to the world from places such as New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York.



Benson has returned to his hometown to open a new space in Southwest Detroit called Detroit Fabric Company. Located in an old dairy, Detroit Fabric Company is filled with an amazing collection of fabrics and such that Benson has sourced from all over the world. He plans on expanding the space to include a coffee shop and production studio in the near future.


Swing by Detroit Fabric Company and welcome Benson back!