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DJ Venmo (Jakob Harris) has been digging his grubby hands into the pockets of Detroit’s nightlife for the last five years in an effort to pay his rent as well as fulfill his life’s purpose of owning every single private pressing ever made.


“It’s enthralling to live in a city where you can really challenge other people’s ears as well as your own. Lots of bars have a sound system and some gear, so if you are really itching to wreak havoc on people it’s not hard. It’s fun finding the balance between what people are trying to hear on their night out versus whatever disjointed noise I’ve been splurging on at the time. I’ve also learned to not take it so seriously. It’s all just dance parties, right? People complain that there’s too many DJs but there’s a reason for it. Think outside the club!“


On being a Detroit DJ
“The artistic culture sprawling through so many blocks and veins really binds the city together. Literally every gathering requires music or else it feels weird.”


Track List

Blue In Purple (Puu) : RinnieRadio
Industrial Espionage : NRSB-11
Jannisary : Demdike Stare
Modernme : Here Today
Sheets ‘N’ Blankets (Crazy Sheet Soul Center Variation) : Plastikman
Adventures In Success (Dub Copy) : Will Powers
T2DP Riddim (Dub Phonk) : Mad Rey
A Small Intricate Box, Which Contains Old Blue Opium Marzipan : Muslimgauze
Hip Hop Drop : SunPalace
Tearing The Groove : Christian Vogel
Brothers In Arms : 21 Brothers
Cryonics : Alter Ego
Acid2000 : Luke Vibert
Hustle : Marshall Applewhite featuring Project Pat
Motorbass Get Funked Up (Elektrophunk Remix) : La Funk Mob
Urban Electro (Tony Fairchild Short Edit) : Urban Electro
Gone (Mix) : Deejay Xanax
Hump : Plastikman
Fall Into A Trance : Critical Rhythm
Cherry Lee (Down Syndrome Mix) : Marcellus Pittman
Tants! Tantsevat! : New Composers
Futurista : Ryuichi Sakamoto
Gaming Man : Shinichiro Yokota
Stay (Remix) : Paul Vanderstukken
Slow Mo : DJ ESP
Spatial Sequence Synesthesia : Oscar Mulero
Get A Phone : Bileebob
Def Jamming : Jerome Hill
Metaphysica : DJ K1
Spice : DJ Slip
332 23t422 : Bogdan Raczynski
Maxi German Rave Blast Hits 3 : Bodenstandig 2000


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Photo : BABOO Photography

Year 2020 : Week 12 : DJ Venmo

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