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“My name is Alex Gaggino, I make art and DJ as Gino. I host a happy hour called Snack Time at TV Lounge focused on artistry, community, and deliciousness. I’ve been educating and mentoring youth in Detroit for 10 years. I started DJing in Ann Arbor, inspired by Movement. I was an intern for Soul Clap Records which gave me an intro to the industry. I’m thankful to work with TV Lounge and Rocksteady Disco which has a parallel to the range of music I like to mix.”
“Detroit is where the best music in the world is heard. Between the DJs, producers, rappers, musicians, AND visual artists it’s a wicked creative force. Taste becomes refined among listeners and talent. People dance to great dance music here. Also, they are my friends, my mentors, my employers, my peers, my love, it’s my job, it’s my escape.”

On being a Detroit DJ
“Do it right. Do it for the love. Do it with knowledge of the foundation.”
About this mix
“I started playing some ambient to accompany the glorious storm tonight and it turned into something expressive of the experience we’ve been through so far this year. Programmed as a narrative, the mix includes moments of being built up and let down, moments of exhausted confusion, moments of pain and anxiety, along with a single burst of determination and justice via a Peter Croce edit. It may not be my most ‘fun’ mix ever but it is a thoughtful one keeping in mind the weight of the events happening in our country and being true to how it affects our spirit. May it heal.”
~Gino (June 27, 2020)
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The Detroit I Love Soundtrack
Year 2020 : Week 27 : Gino