The spirit of our city animates the body and the soul of all that experience it. It is hard to describe the spice that flavors the culture of Detroit. Music is a big part of it, from the sounds of Motown to the electrifying beats of house and techno. The art, food, and architecture are the umami that rounds out the taste that makes this place so special.


Every night of the week, in this city, we have the opportunity to hear the best musicians, DJs, and artists perform in venues ranging from world-class clubs to neighborhood bars. Paxahau has created an opportunity for all to come to Detroit and dance to the rhythm of our city, not only at the festival but inside all of the amazing spaces here.


Event Listings

Our curated list of events happening around Detroit during the weekend. We continually update this list with venue changes, sold out status, and last minute additions so be sure to check back before you go out.
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Neighborhood Guide

We’ve selected our favorite places to eat, drink, shop, and more in Detroit’s neighborhoods. Experience the Detroit we love while you are in town.
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We have interviews with Richie Hawtin and Brent Scudder as well as a feature on Techno Diva, a film by Mare Costello that was influenced by her time growing up in the Detroit Techno scene of the 90s.

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Edited by Vince Patricola and Steven Reaume.


Make it a great visit and dance your ass off.


Printed pocket guide available at locations throughout the city.

The online and printed guide are free. Please help support this project.