CAGED is a song about breaking out of the slumber of freeze response, a song about the scary parts of connection. A song featuring the beautiful poetry of Carrie Seitzinger.

You decide how it sings to you. Blending dream pop, trip hop, and the minimalistic sounds of early electronic music, Lithopedion’s music is at once eerie and ethereal, gritty and majestic.

Lithopedion’s Shenyah Webb was born and raised in metro Detroit, MI. As a young teenager, she was a fixture in the legendary Detroit techno scene of the ’90s. But her musical inspiration wasn’t confined to the all-night warehouse parties of the underground electronic music world; she also regularly attended intimate rock shows of live bands from Gangster Fun to the early Blonde Redhead. Music was always central to her life, but it would be several years before she started creating songs of her own.

What started as an occasional acoustic open-mic performance gradually evolved into a hypnotic live show in which Shenyah would layer loops of Omnichord, bass synthesizer, analog drum machines, trumpet, and vocals into a wall of tone and texture that left the dive bars and house parties in her adopted home, Portland, Oregon mesmerized.

In a homecoming of sorts, Lithopedion’s long-gestating debut full-length will be released on Equal Recordings, a rising Detroit-centric label currently showcasing new and extant works by nascent local artists and some of the city’s most storied electronic pioneers. This album will find a natural home in the record collections of fans of Broadcast, Portishead, Beach House, and Jane Weaver.