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The base that Detroit’s music and club culture is built upon is a collection of people that you may not know, that don’t always get the recognition they deserve. They are the foundation that keeps the engine of our scene running. Their contributions are an integral part of what makes it possible for our city to creatively thrive and grow. 

The club owners and promoters provide a canvas for DJs and musicians to fill and share their vision. There are people who behind the scenes ensure that the future will be as inspiring to the world today as it was in the past. 

Together we are strong. Our love of music and community, our belief that music, the dance floor, safe spaces, of shared experiences, is the oxygen that keeps our city vibrant. We are not defined by an individual artist or genre, although each deserves the popularity they have earned. We support, contribute to, and believe in a shared vision.

Our city is integrated in our clubs, filled with every race, sexual orientation, and personality. This diversity is what makes us strong. This is why so much music, art, and culture grows and is created here.

This year we are sharing the voices of people who keep the creative assembly line moving. Many are behind the curtain, pulling the levers, individuals you may never have heard of but deserve to be recognized. There are so many more than those we have included, please forgive us if we didn’t reach out to you. 

You are all the foundation on which Detroit culture is built. 


Our curated list of events happening around Detroit during the weekend. We continually update this list with venue changes, sold out status, and last minute additions so be sure to check back before you go out.
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We’ve selected our favorite places to eat, drink, shop, and more in Detroit’s neighborhoods. Experience the Detroit we love while you are in town. We no doubt have missed a few, our city is changing so fast. Please let us know if there is a favorite place of yours that should be included.
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We asked many people who are the foundation of our scene here in Detroit a simple question. “What motivates you and defines the contributions that you want to make to Detroit’s music and club culture?”. Many you may never have heard of, some are very well known, some you may know their faces but not their names. Their voices span generations of individuals who are behind the scenes and in the forefront, in the DJ booth, at the door, promote parties, run venues, make the sound perfect, bartend, dance with you, and more. This is a small sampling of the personalities who, through their contributions, time, and passion define our amazing city.

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