Nightlife Safety Guidelines

→ If you are out alone be sure to identify a person that works at the venue and introduce yourself.
→ If you are out alone please be sure to have someone that works at the venue walk you to your car.
→ Keep an eye on your beverage at all times.
→ Be sure that your phone is charged and on you at all times.
→ If you witness peculiar behavior please report to a member of the staff.
→ Be conscious of the space around you on the dance floor. Scan the room.
→ Check in with your friend group through the night! Use a buddy system. Checking in on intentions for the night. Rides? Leaving separately? Communicate with friends if you leave with someone new. Etc.
→ Be personally accountable when drinking and engaging on the dance floor.
→ Consent. Make sure to listen and communicate desires clearly.
→ Trust your intuition, if it doesn’t feel right, leave.
→ Identify exits when you go out in case of emergency.
→ Keep valuables out of sight in the car.