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Walter Glasshouse is a curator of underground Detroit music scene with over a decade of events produced and played. Owner of Open Eye Detroit, creative partner with Charivari Music Festival, Treasurer for The Detroit-Berlin Connection Non-Profit Organization, and content creator for Deep Space Radio. In addition to being a DJ, Producer, and Event Organizer, Walter also shares his love for Hip Hop Music as an emcee under the moniker AudioLogical. Walter also holds a Bachelors Degree in Business, and a Masters Degree in Accounting, particularly specializing in assisting artists and small businesses with navigating the tax system.


“The largest reason I love this city and this scene, is the community. The PEOPLE. Sure, the music is amazing, but the hearts here are so pure. Regardless of where you go in this city, you walk in and there’s a hug being offered, a smile being shined, and a welcoming embrace that I’ve never known outside of this city. Perhaps I am a bit biased because this is my hometown, and I have been fortunate enough to create lasting relationships with many members of this community, but from my travels abroad, there’s truly no place like Detroit. Small enough to feel like a family, big enough to get lost in all the best ways… Another thing I love, is the diversity, and the acceptance… There’s every kind of person here, and we exist together. Sure, there’s different circles of people, and that’s natural… But there’s a mutual respect for the tapestry of energy that makes up the mandala of Detroit… And every single part of this community is needed to complete that circle… And deep down, I think we all get that. The soul of this city is in everything we do, especially the music, and I believe we are united by the artistic expression this region so effortlessly exudes. We are a little rough around the edges, and I absolutely love that… We don’t sugar coat, we don’t play games, but we embrace our human experience with every ounce of our existence, and to me that’s pure fucking magic. I say it all the time… I am so thankful to have woken up in this body, in this city, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.“


On being a Detroit DJ
“To me, being a DJ in Detroit is sacred. It’s a place where this craft is truly a foundational element of the culture. The birth of Techno, the advancement of electronic music, and the fostering of real community through musical gatherings… All this brought me to a palpable state of humility for deciding to drop that first needle on a record many years ago. But it’s just in our blood… To me, being a DJ in Detroit means respecting the path that was blazed before me, honoring those that created the space Detroit now holds in this world, and building upon that energy with as much unique creative expression that could possibly flow through my soul. It’s a bit of a responsibility, honestly, to come as correct as you can… To do your homework, to become adept at your skillset, and to be as genuine as possible. The DJ scene here in Detroit is so beautifully saturated with unbelievable talent, that you need look no further than any dance floor to find 10 DJ’s currently better than any Top DJ blog list floating around the internet. Only thing here is, there’s a thousand more just like ‘em, at another party in Detroit… Doing what we do, appreciating the music, and supporting those who are fortunate enough to find a voice within this cacophony of beautiful noise.”


Track List

Tribute To A Hero : Damiano von Erckert
Baby Girl : Eddie Logix
No Q. (Original Mix) : MangaBey
Take Me Back (featuring Tim Davis) (Original Mix) : Duwayne Motley, Saison
I’m The Baddest Bitch (In The Room) (Moodymann Mix) : Norma Jean Bell
So Fine (Original Mix) : Kill Frenzy
It Doesnt Really Matter (Original Mix) : Sek
Black Boxed (Original Mix) : Francesco Robustelli
Meteor Mind : DJ Spinna + Hugo LX (Hermon Mehari – Trumpet)
I Ain’t Safe (featuring Ideeyah) : Waajeed
Jazz Bar (Saison Rework) : N-You-Up
You Can’t Take It (Original Mix) : Kuba Sojka


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The Detroit I Love Soundtrack
Year 2020 : Week 13 : Walter Glasshouse