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“Hey y’all, I’m Alex.  I was born in Texas, and I’ve moved around a lot.  I make music, and run a record label/YouTube channel called RESPONSE.  I’ve got two EP’s coming out very soon – one is up for pre-sale now with DJ Holographic, and the other one is solo and will be a RESPONSE release.  These go live on July 10th, and end of August/early September respectively.”
“I love how the Detroit scene has a very “homegrown” feel and very often feels genuine.  I appreciate the fact that the people of Detroit seem to have a certain toughness to them.  I love the diversity of the city and how that has shaped my perspective.”


On being a Detroit DJ
“It means a place where I’ve been able to get my feet wet in terms of DJing.  The warm and welcoming scene of Detroit has been great for my growth as a musician since being able to spin informs my production process.”

Track List
Sleep Paralysis : Alex Wilcox
HI. (Unreleased) : Alex Wilcox
CAPI. (Unreleased) : Alex Wilcox
OMNI. (Unreleased) : Alex Wilcox
RESPONSE. : Alex Wilcox
Isolate Pro : Onleash
It’s Time : DJ Rashad
The Black Block : Modeselektor
Species of the Pod : Drexciya
Comb 60s : Benga
BS6 : Sinistarr, Hyroglifics
Phylyps Trak : Basic Channel
In Loving Memory : Modeselektor
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The Detroit I Love Soundtrack
Year 2020 : Week 26 : Alex Wilcox